Dew Drop Inn under new ownership

Posted October 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Ruth A. Moller | The Miller Press

Dew Drop Inn.jpg

JEANINE AND LYMAN Hepworth are waiting to welcome customers to their newly-acquired motel.

Dew Drop Inn under new ownership

Miller’s Dew Drop Inn on the outskirts of Miller is under new ownership.

Mike and Mierra Fawcett owned the motel since 1992, and after hitting the 20-year mark were looking for other ventures.

Through a bit of serendipity, the Fawcetts and Jeanine and Lyman Hepworth met, and made an exchange.

The Hepworths had purchased a large house in Sioux City, Iowa, which they remodeled and were planning to sell. The Fawcetts were hoping to sell their motel and locate in Sioux City…so the trade was made.

Fawcett says the Hepworth’s ownership has his “stamp of approval.”

The Hepworths took over the motel September 14.

Jeanine explained that Lyman has disabilities stemming back to Vietnam. They decided running their own business would be preferable, and they have operated motels in Idaho, Montana and Iowa.

Says Jeanine, “Lyman was hospitalized, and was very ill. We sold the motel we owned in Sioux City, and were considering retirement. But for the last year, he has done so well, and quite frankly he was getting bored.”

Along came the chance to own and operate the Dew Drop Inn. “There’s a lot of fixing and repair that should keep us busy,” Jeanine said, with a laugh.

So the couple stepped right in, with pheasant season just around the corner. During a half-hour interview time, two telephone calls were received about lodging; then the supervisor of the grain terminal being built west of town stopped by to see about rooms for 10 to 20 workers. The Hepworths just may be kept busy.

Presently, the motel has 17 regular units, plus four cabins and an area to clean pheasants (hunters take note). They also maintain a lodge in Miller, which features three bedrooms and two baths.

Lyman commented, “I want to build new cabins. We like to make improvements on the motels we own.”

The Hepworths have a total of 11 children (yours-mine-ours), and several grandchildren. Their son Jack and daughter-in-law Alysha are presently helping at the motel. They have two small children.

While they haven’t lived in Miller long, the Hepworths are impressed with the friendly atmosphere. “Lyman makes the rounds more than I do,” Jeanine said, “but everyone we’ve met seems so nice.”

They’re looking forward to hunters, as well as to meeting area residents. The name of the business says it all: Do Drop In.