DeRouchey Clinic improves facilities, expands services

Posted December 5, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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When you’re downtown Thursday evening for Christmas on the Prairie, make a stop at DeRouchey Veterinary Clinic between 5 and 8 p.m., at 132 North Broadway.

They’re holding an open house with refreshments and snacks, but primarily to show off their new “digs,” and visitors will be amazed at the transformation brought about.

According to Kevin Cain, DVM, the clinic already owned the building to the south that housed “Heartstrings.” Heartstrings quit renting the the building, moved up the street to a larger building at 218 North Broadway, and did their own “transforming.”

At that point, Cain decided not to rent the space again, but instead to expand the clinic area. Veterinarians Clayton Thorson and Ashley Coulter came on board June 1, and the addition of the two new vets added motivation to update and incorporate the other building.

Work began August 1. The wall between the clinic and the building to the south was removed, which nearly doubled the clinic space.

After three and a half months of steady work, the “new and improved” clinic is modern and welcoming. The main entry area has ample room to display their stock of veterinary supplies, and Cain says a larger selection of inventory will be available. A waiting area has been added, complete with comfortable seating and a large-screen TV. The new front desk area is long and welcoming. In addition there are three separate offices, plus all-new exam, laboratory and surgery rooms for small animal patients…and room to grow.

Cain, a Miller native, came home to practice, and joined the DeRouchey Vet Clinic in May 2006. He and Dr. Dick Splichal worked together until 2012, when Cain became the sole owner.

Cain explained he, Thorson and Coulter work with both large and small animals. Dr. Thorson specializes in cattle and horses, but Dr. Coulter works primarily with small animals. The renovation provides much more space for the small animal patients.

Cain is rightly proud of the new rooms. “We can do x-ray and blood work, and have blood results in about 10 minutes.” The exam/surgery/laboratory facilities used to be encompassed in what Cain refers to as “one tiny little room.”

The extensive remodeling and expansion has brought about a new look, and Cain says the overall result is “clean and professional.”

The clinic is one of the original buildings in Miller, and has housed numerous businesses.

John P. Cutting erected the building in 1883, and operated the Cutting Drug Store until 1896. Stephen Pauley purchased the building for $1,000 and had a furniture store and undertaking business there.

Pauley sold his operation to G.W. Wilcox in 1919 for $9,000.

Wilcox had a drug store and furniture store on the first floor, and rented out six rooms on the second floor.

F.W. Long bought the building in 1929, and it continued as a drug store; J.C. Jones took over in 1930 as Jones Drug, and it continued in that location until National Tea Company took over the building in 1937. Geiger Clothing Company took over in September 1941.

Dr. Herb Meriweather began his veterinary clinic there in 1945. He used the south side of the small building, and Quality Cleaners had the north side.

In 1947, the Gambles store took over part of the south side of the building (until 1961) and Quality Cleaners had the north side.

In 1967, Meriweather Veterinary Supply, Inc. was formed, and occupied the entire building. Dr. Vince DeRouchey took over the business in 1998.

The old building on the corner of Broadway and Second Street has stood there nearly 130 years…but the “new, improved” veterinary facilities have new life, a new look, and provide veterinary services necessary for 21st-century needs.

Ruth A. Moller|The Miller Press

DR. KEVIN CAIN shows some of the upgrades made. He, Dr. Ashley Coulter and Dr. Clayton Thorson are anxious to greet friends and customers and show the great changes at DeRouchey Vet.