Dairy Queen offers sweet rewards for new owners

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:38 pm

DQ 0194.jpg

Miller’s Dairy Queen is under new ownership. Tiffiany and Dustin Moser officially took over the business November 30, which was previously owned by Renae and Dean Simons.

However, Tiffiany is no stranger to Dairy Queen. While she was going to high school in Brookings, she worked at the DQ there. She has worked at Miller’s establishment since October 1994.

Dairy Queen is a franchise operation. The first store was opened in Joliet, Ill. in 1940, and began franchising in 1944. Today, there are 6,216 Dairy Queen locations throughout the world, including 4,548 in the United States.

Tiffiany says when the opportunity arose, it made sense to buy Miller’s DQ. “I guess you could say I have a passion for Dairy Queen,” she said.

“Most Dairy Queens are locally owned, by people in the community,” Tiffiany explained. That gives the owners a more personal stake in an operation.

Miller’s DQ is located on a good spot, on the north side of Miller at the busy intersection of Highways 14 and 45. “We get a lot of traffic,” Tiffiany says, because it attracts not only local customers, but also people passing through. “Some make a point of stopping in whenever they travel through.”

Presently, the Mosers have about 21 employees, and many are high school students or young adults. “Schedules are flexible, and that is appealing to students,” Tiffiany explains.

However, the flexibility is appealing to employees of any age. “The flexibility is what has kept me here all these years,” said Tiffiany, who is also a busy mom.

Husband Dustin, a Ree Heights native, works for David Fremark Farms, but also spends time at Dairy Queen doing maintenance and helping in the dining room, and usually works on Sundays.

Dairy Queen, including the drive-in, is open seven days a week. Tiffiany says the restaurant/drive-in is open longer after all home school events.

Of course, DQ ice cream cakes are always a favorite, and Tiffiany says Jennifer Welk is the “cake lady,” who makes all those sweet desserts.

“We’re also getting Orange Julius in, and I’m excited about that.”

Stop by…for all the ice cream treats, as well as hot food items. As Tiffiany says, she has a passion for DQ.