Council hears overview of 2012 annual report

Posted March 12, 2013 at 4:59 pm

The Miller City Council met Monday, March 4, with a fairly light agenda.

Kathy Splichal requested and was granted permission to close a portion of West Second Avenue on Sunday, May 5, to hold a moving sale. She assured the Council that neighbors had agreed to the closing.

Terry Augspurger, a member of the On Hand housing committee, informed the Council of an upcoming community meeting on March 10 to hear results of a housing study and to consider options regarding lack of housing.

Augspurger also said On Hand will be applying for a grant regarding the housing situation, totaling $3,000, and funds would need to be run through the City. The request was approved.

On Hand will give an update on the housing study and meeting results at the March 18 Council meeting.

Greg Palmer, Miller Chamber & Commerce, reported Christmas lights that have been on the top of downtown buildings need to be removed, because they are not working properly. Palmer asked if City departments could provide a bucket truck and help with removal of the lights. The Council suggested the C & C contact the City Electric Department with the request, and decide a time frame when the lights can be removed.

Resolution 2013-5 was approved, in which the City reassigned a contract with Nelson’s, Inc., to Harrell Brothers for the remaining time on the original contract. The contract deals with rental of the lagoon hay land area (53 acres). Rent will remain the same.

A building permit request from Jimmy and Karen Evans to build storage units was approved.

Finance officer Laura Smith went over the 2012 annual report. Smith reported the general fund ended with a balance of $202,066, which reflected more than $80,000 than was anticipated.

She said Enterprise funds, which “make the money” for the City, were on track. These money-generating funds include water/sewer, electric and the airport.

She also went over the debt service—the amount of money the City pays on a regular basis toward loans. This includes money owed for the storm sewer project, two loans for the fire hall, a Dodge Charger, snow blower, water meter and water tower projects, and the electric upgrade now underway.

The storm sewer project debt will be paid off in 2015; however, others have a long way to go. Fire hall loans will be paid by 2035; the electric project in 2040; and the water tower project in 2049.

Overall, Smith said, it appears the City’s finances are making strides, and the City is “a little bit” in the black. But, she cautioned, hold off a while before doing a “happy dance.”