Coss Family Foundation Scholarship awards $10,000 for Hand County Students

Posted June 28, 2013 at 10:51 am

In 2004, Lawrence Coss and his wife, Virginia, established the Coss Family Foundation Scholarship Fund, with specific desire to pursue philanthropy towards education. To accomplish this goal, the foundation provides scholarship grants for post-secondary education in selected communities in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Since 2004, the Coss Family Foundation Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $2 million to students pursuing post-secondary education.

Beginning this year, 2013, the Coss Family Foundation Scholarship Fund is being managed through the South Dakota Community Foundation and is being awarded to students who attend high schools in Hand County.

Recipients of scholarships, totaling $10,000, this year are:

Sunshine Bible Academy – Daniel Pedersen, $500; Donald Beckwich, $1,000.

Miller High School – Kyle Clement, $500; Samuel Simons, $500; Austin Schaff, $500; Emma Steers, $1,000; Courtney Heezen, $1,000; Jordan DeBoer, $1,000; Danica Fanning, $1,000; Johannes Gimbel, $1,500; and Drew Beilke, $1,500.