Correct Orient and Polo Mass times listed-Polo/Orient News

Posted August 14, 2013 at 12:00 am

Correct Orient and Polo Mass times listed

Mass for the Feast of the Assumption will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 14 at St. Joseph in Orient and at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14 at St. Liborius in Polo. One way to get people to comment when they read your routine publication is to make a mistake. Not changing the day is not the thing to do when you are listing Mass times. Therefore, this apology contains a corrected time for Mass in Polo which needed to have said Wednesday, Aug. 14, not Thursday, Aug. 14. 



The Achievement Days are attracting the young 4-H members in anticipation of getting to attend the State Fair with their projects. Those valuable 4 H’s of Head, Heart, Hands and Health have been providing opportunities for youth for untold years.  4-H offers experiences and learning that are invaluable for youth and leave lasting memories that can never be matched or taken away.

Every year at this time your correspondent remembers those Faulk County years in Orient with Mrs. Elmer Remily and Mrs. Marcella O’Meara and then to Faulkton where I started a 4-H club for a couple of years, all under the guidance of Doug Wallace and Mrs. Soule in the Extension office. From there it was Dorothy O’Donnell and Dorothy Grunewaldt who would be leaders when the Schaefers kids were in the Orient 4-H.  Hard work paid off when the culmination of nine years in 4-H earned the privilege to be one of four members chosen to represent South Dakota for a week at the National Conference in Washington DC.

The three days touring to and from Washington, D.C. were packed with the 30 members from the six Midwest states  on the Grainbelt Special Bus. Touring all the memorable places and historic sights along the trip into and from was highlighted by meetings and pictures with President Eisenhower, Senators Karl Mundt and Francis Case and Representative Berry, and numerous others. It made ripping all those seams and re-stitching or practice baking and making jelly seem pretty inconsequential.

So we say Hats Off to the youth who continue to grow in wisdom, fun and friendship through the 4 H’s and the dedicated leaders who make it all happen.

Life isn’t any slower in the Orient and Polo communities it is just not newsworthy is what I am told when I ask.

Back to school preparations, family vacations, and harvest anticipation continue to be on everyone’s agenda.