Clarification…from 1950

Posted June 28, 2013 at 2:58 pm

A story was written about the Miller 196 Regimental Combat Team from 1950, which appeared in the May 22 issue. Miller native Wayne L. Wilson spearheaded getting the story written.

Included was a front-page picture from The Miller Press of September 21, 1950, showing the combat team, and names were listed at the bottom of the photo.

A relative of Loren Newell informed the Press that the person identified as Merlyn Karst (front row, second from right) should have been Newell.

In checking the photo, it appears 10 men are in the back row, but only nine are identified.

Wayne Wilson knows much about the group, so he was queried about who is who. According to Wilson, Karst is properly identified in the front row. “I should know,” he said. “We were best friends.”

He says Loren Newell is in the back row, sixth from the left, between Jack Struse and Lyle Yost, “Just beneath the ‘L’ of Company L,” he said.

Wilson went on to say he was best man for Newell’s wedding, and he sees him frequently because of reunions. “He was a great meat-cutter,” Wilson recalled. Newell also spent 37 years with the National Guard, and received a plaque for his service.

Wilson is adamant that Newell’s name was not included in the identification, but he is in the back row.

Wilson can be reached at 320-286-5688.