City Council makes decisions about pool purchases

Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:17 am

Miller’s City Council met Monday, June 3.

Fire chief Steve Resel reported some local firemen would be attending the State Fire School in Belle Fourche the following weekend. He said the rain received has alleviated much of the concern about fires.

Following the recommendation from the Finance Office committee, the council approved a dollar per hour raise for deputy finance officer, Rachel Heezen, and also for administrative assistant, Cindy Hargens, effective June 1.

Police chief Shannon Speck said officer Jim Henson has completed his probationary status, and recommended a 50-cent per hour raise, as well was a three percent cost of living raise. The council approved the request.

The second reading of Ordinance 642 was held, for rezoning of property at 912 E. 4th Street to residential/commercial, on the condition the property will be used as a gunsmith shop. The rezoning was approved.

Building permits were approved for Marlin Auch, remove shed and build garage; Ralph Johnson, modular home; and Gale Auch, remove two houses, build garage and addition to existing garage.

A sewer project bid from Olson Construction of Huron was accepted for $19,750.50, for work from West Third Avenue and West 7th Street, running 300 feet east.

A second bid from Olson Construction for $10,913.25 for a new manhole at West 7th Street and West 7th Avenue will be considered after the first project is completed.

Jim Bonebright, water/sewer department, again discussed the box that holds the electrical panel underneath the slide at the pool. The box is rusted beyond repair, and is a danger in the condition it is in. Bonebright said he found one stainless steel box for $3,000, but delivery could take three to seven weeks. Another box, priced at $5,000 could arrive in five to seven days. Because of the timing, and the pool soon to open, council members opted for the $5,000 box, which would be delivered quickly.

Bonebright also talked about the positioning of the handicapped lift, which is mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act, the lifeguard chair and the pool slide. He suggested purchasing a moveable lifeguard chair, and the council approved checking on prices and availability of one.

The council approved an electric project pay request of $140,282.73.

The council discussed drafting a new ordinance dealing with noise. Police chief Speck said an ordinance should be developed that would spell out what is illegal. “We need some guidance about what can be enforced,” he stated. The public safety committee and the police were advised to work toward developing an ordinance for the City, and to speak with the City attorney about legalities.

The next council meeting will be Monday, June 17, beginning at 7 p.m.