Circuit Court

Posted September 4, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Seatbelt violations:

Jabe S. Miedema, Wolsey, SD, $25.00.


Circuit Court

Dakota M. Auch, Miller, SD, $25.00.

Brett J. Parmely, Miller, SD, $25.00.

Speeding violations:
Joel D. Bunkowsky, Sunford, Manitoba, Canada, 75/65, $105.00.

Eric E. Schmirer, Wausau, Wis., 75/65, $105.00.

Rocky J. Forman, Huron, SD, 40/30, $105.00.

Cody J. Hight, White River, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Collin J. Baumgart, Wessington Springs. SD. 75/65, $105.00.

Josh A. Hardman, Kimball, SD, 65/55, $105.00.

David R. McCoy, Brandon, SD, 65/55, $105.00.

Matthew D. Stulken, Pierre, SD, 65/55, $105.00.

Brett R. Jessen, Castlewood, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Dan R. Wilson, Frankfort, SD, 65/55, $105.00.

Dean T. Heymans, Pierre, SD, 65/55, $105.00.

Ronald L. Goodin, Madison, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Tommy Stinert, Baltic, SD, 62/55, $105.00.

William N. Clark, Watertown, SD, 80/65, $125.00.

Casey G. Sawvell, Quinn, SD, 76/65, $125.00.

James D. Deranleau, Brookings, 80/65, $125.00.

Callan S. Parmely, St. Lawrence, SD, 84/65, $145.00.

Other violations:

Kory L. Kubik, Miller, SD, dog running at large, $110.00.

Andy C. Schlechter, Orient, SD, permitting unauthorized minor to operate vehicle, $120.00.

Kenneth E. Osberg, Pierre, SD, not yielding to emergency vehicles, $120.00.

Dakota W. Jennings, St. Lawrence, SD, open container, $120.00.

Nicole L. Swartz, Miller, SD, exhibition driving, $120.00.

In other action:

Royce C. LaRoche, Lower Brule, SD, pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, first offense. He was fined $700.00, plus $146.00 in court costs and $44.00 in surcharges. A 10-day jail sentence was suspended on the following conditions: Participate in the 24/7 program at own expense; pay fines, costs and any restitution as ordered; the county shall have a lien against defendant at the rate of $25.00 per day for any time served; defendant will obey all laws of state, local and federal governments; if questioned or arrested, immediately advise the assigned court services officer. License was revoked for 30 days. Charges of no driver’s license and failure to maintain financial responsibility were dismissed.

The next court date in Hand County is set for Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 9:30 a.m. in the Hand County Courthouse.