Circuit Court: 11-9-11

Posted November 7, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Hand County Courthouse – November 1, 2011

Judge Jon R. Erickson presiding

Dexter Van Zee, Miller, SD, obscured vision, $25.00.

Anthony F. Jungwirth, Tulare, SD, seatbelt violation, $25.00.

Kenneth L. Branine, Harrold, SD, seatbelt violation, $25.00.

Dale D. Alumbaugh, St. Lawrence, SD, seatbelt violation, $25.00.

Keri M. Martinmaas, Tulare, SD, seatbelt violation, $25.00.

Speeding violations:

Bruce A. Berg, Detroit Lakes, Minn., 60/55, $85.00.

Gary L. Wagner, Miller, SD, 35/30, $85.00.

Deborah K. Barnett, Schleswig, Iowa, 25/15, $105.00.

Scott A. Gregerson, Cass Lake, Minn., 75/65, $105.00.

Amber Olson, Pierre, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Randall M. Hugue, Highmore, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

John A. Kramer, Sioux Falls, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Jeffrey A. Lamb, Onida, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Juan H. Moreno, St. Cloud, Minn., 25/15, $105.00.

John D. Joergenson, Minnetonka, Minn., 75/65, $105.00.

Gavin T. Osvog, Ree Heights, SD, 25/15, $105.00.

Coady D. Brown, Galesville, Wis., 75/65, $105.00.

Cole J. Oakley, Holabird, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Harvey D. Wald, Pierre, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Jane A. Keller, Redfield, SD, 75/65, $105.00.

Kerry R. Engelmann, Rapid City, SD, 55/45, $105.00.

Calvin T. Siems, Sioux Falls, SD, 74/65, $105.00.

John C. Schmidt, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, 75/65, $105.00.

Jerud S. Jungwirth, Redfield, SD, 80/65, $125.00.

Tedd M. Currier, Sioux Falls, SD, 80/65, $125.00.

Audrey K. Moodie, Pierre, SD, 67/55, $125.00.

Richard B. Williams, Chamberlain, SD, 78/65, $125.00.

Nathan S. Brock, West Palm, Fla., 76/65, $125.00.

Michelle K. Carey, Highmore, SD, 83/65, $145.00.

Arvid D. Amdahl, Black Hawk, SD, 82/65, $145.00.

Roger O. Kierstead, Rapid City, SD, 83/65, $145.00.

Jerry O. Jorgenson, Watertown, SD, 83/65, $145.00.

Joel B. Huber, Miller, SD, 85/65, $145.00.

Gary A. Anderson, Paola, Kan., 94/65, $220.00.

Other violations:

Keri M. Martinmaas, Tulare, SD, careless driving, $120.00.

James J. Rissky, Rapid City, SD, unlicensed driver, $120.00.

Rita J. Ellsworth, Miller, SD, failure to yield to traffic, $120.00.

Kelsey M. Johnson, Miller, SD, expired tags, $120.00.

Elizabeth S. Waldner, Miller, SD, careless driving/accident related, $120.00.

Mark A. Steinke, Castle Rock, Colo., unsafe backing, $120.00.

David F. Kneip, Brookings, SD, no valid driver’s license, $120.00.

Johnny J. Wolmann, Fullerton, ND, stop sign violation, $120.00.

Wayne M. Gerlach, Sherrard, Ill., unlawful transmission of small game, $145.00.

Robert L. Hemminger, II, Springport, Mich., littering public land, $170.00.

Douglas F. Zens, Tulare, SD, littering public land, $170.00.

Brian P. Huizenga, Hitchcock, SD, expired annual inspection, $170.00.

Douglas S. Hofer, Parkston, SD, axle 9 left side/fabric exposed, $170.00; operating without periodic inspection, $170.00.

In other action:

Jason L. Force, Highmore, SD, pled guilty to four charges. On driving under the influence, second offense, he was fined $829.00, plus $171.00 in court costs and blood test, and a 90-day jail sentence.

He also pled guilty to failure to maintain financial responsibility, and was fined $54.00 plus $66.00 in court costs. For no driver’s license, he was fined $54.00 and $66.00 in court costs. For speeding, he was fined $125.00.

Seventy days of the 90-day jail time was suspended on the following conditions: obey all laws for 360 days; pay all fines, costs, cost of blood test and court-appointed attorney fees; at own expense, complete alcohol evaluation and recommended treatment; at own expense, participate in 24/7 program for six months. Driver’s license was revoked for one year on DWI charge, and for 30 days on no insurance charge, to run concurrent. Jail time was stayed until December 1, 2011.

Kayla Swenson, Ree Heights, SD, pled guilty to maintain financial responsibility. She was fined $54.00 plus $66.00 in court costs. A two-day jail sentence was suspended on the following conditions: pay 1/2 fine November 1, and 1/2 fine November 15; driver’s license suspended for 30 days, with work permit authorized after proof of insurance; pay incarceration costs of $25.00 per day for any time served.

The next circuit court date in Hand County will be Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 9:30 a.m. This will be the final court date in Hand County for 2011.