Chapter II: Christmas is––family gatherings and holiday guests Polo-Orient 1-6-14

Posted January 7, 2014 at 7:52 pm

Cold weather may get everyone’s attention but it does not keep folks home bound when it is Christmas time. One just takes extra precautions, puts on heavier coat and mittens and goes where the family is getting together. We can report again that having the sun shining on the cold winter’s snow, is a big plus when it comes to taking our South Dakota winter in stride. It is what it is and we continue to capitalize on the positives since winter will be winter no matter what we want.




South Dakota School of Mines & Technology held its 168th commencement at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday December. 21, 2013 in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Theatre, Rapid City. US Senator Tim Johnson was commencement speaker. Katie Renae Schaefers received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, with certificates in Six Sigma Greenbelt and Technology Innovation and a minor in Occupational Safety. Katie Schaefers will begin on Monday Dec. 30th at Nucor Steel in Norfolk, Neb.

Attending the graduation were her parents; Joe and Chris Schaefers, Karen Schaefers Rapid City, Mark Schaefers and Katie Eschenbaum, St. Lawrence, Grandpa, Donald Schaefers, James Schaefers, Terri Patterson, Kelly and Jane Thomas, Brandon, Michael and Wyatt., all of Rapid City. A reception was held following commencement at Kelly and Jane Thomas home.

The evening of December 21, the Schaefers and Thomas families celebrated their Christmas in the Thomas home in Rapid City. Together were; Don and Bunnie Schaefers, Jerome and Tammie, Joe and Chris, Karen, Katie and Mark and Katie Eschenbaum from Polo-Miller area, James and Terri, Logan, Lauren and guests, Randy, Lee and Sherri all of Rapid City. Before returning home Mark and Katie went to Lead/Deadwood for some snowmobiling while Karen and Katie came to the farm for a couple days.

Charlie Peterson and Georgene Brown, Wolsey were guests of Helen Peterson for dinner the Sunday before Christmas, along with Cheryl and Mo Schaefers and Rick Martinmaas.

On Christmas Eve Day Jim Peterson and daughter Shaney, came from Belle Fouche to visit his, mother, Helen Peterson and sister, Cheryl and Fred Schaefers family until after Christmas.

Fred and Cheryl Schaefers were in Watertown for Christmas with Kevin and Josie Ries, Kade, Kolby, Zachary and Spencer of Kranzburg. Also joining them at the motel for some family time and swimming were Bella Schaefers and Nick, Fargo, ND, Sam and Kelli Schaefers, Olivia and Noah, Watertown and Maurine Schaefers and Lil, Polo. Grandma and Grandpa, Fred and Cheryl brought all the grandchildren back to Polo for a few days with relatives including visiting with Great Grandma Helen.

Helen Peterson received word her brother , Francis Knippling, Wessington, is hospitalized at Avera McKennan hospital in Sioux Falls following a fall on the ice which has involved surgeries. He will have to be a patient for several weeks and would welcome communications from friends and family. Cards may be sent to Francis at Avera McKennan Hospital, 1325 S Cliff Ave Rm 216, Sioux Falls SD. 57117

Al and Shelly Wieseler took Myron, Joyce and Kevin Wieseler and Rich and Ellie Cotton, St. Lawrence, to Brookings on Monday December 23 to the Mannheim Steamrollers Concert, as a Christmas gift to their parents . On December 19th, Myron, Joyce and Kevin and Duane Schaefers drove to Mitchell to attend the Kenny Rogers Christmas Concert. 

Paulette Applehoff and Julie Spartz, Chad and Valynn Applehoff, Austin and Sam of Kranzburg visited Bill and Lonnie Martinmaas the weekend of Dec 21. Paulette and Julie were guests of Rosie Miller for the Faulkton Healthcare Christmas Party.

Christmas night the Joe Schaefers family enjoyed supper together before Karen returned to Rapid City to continue research work on her masters degree when the spring semester at School of Mines begins in mid January and Katie headed to her job in Nebraska.

Christmas Day dinner guests of Randy and Jan Martinmaas were her father and brother, Duane Martschinske and Jerry Martschinske from Faulkton.

Bill and Darci Martinmaas, Micah, Emma, Max, and Anna, were together with Jim and Darlene Zens and her brother Brad Zens of Redfield and her sister, Stacie Zens, St Paul in the Martinmaas home and in Redfield during the Christmas holidays. They also visited in the Randy and Jan Martinmaas home.

Camille Dunnick and Braden and granddaughter Mallorie spent the weekend after Christmas with her parents, Jack and JoAnn Schaefers. Saturday Camille and Mallorie drove to Faulkton to visit Irene Cordts and Rosie Miller at the Faulkton Healthcare and visited in the Doug and Darla Schaefers home enroute back to Sioux Falls on Sunday.

Jerome and Tammie Schaefers Christmas Eve Day guests were Patrick and Emily Schaefers, Jenna and Holly, Polo and Lisa and Casey Aalbers, Wessington.

Sunday December 28 guests with Jerome and Tammie were; Mary Veneklausen, David and Renae Phinney, Ree Heights, Rose Phinney and Jazzy Moncur, Jeff Phinney and kids Josh and Breanna, all of Miller.

Together at the farm for their family Christmas hosted by Myron and Joyce Wieseler and Kevin on Sunday December 29 were; Al and Shelly Wieseler, Evan, Sylvia and Joseph, Miller, Ken and Mary Ogan and Troy of Blunt, Duane Schaefers, Cavour and Rich and Ellie Cotton, St. Lawrence. After eating the time was spent with a gift exchange and playing cards.

George and Delores Wieseler visited in the Rod and Cindy Wieseler home Sunday December 22 with Jeremy and Cole Wieseler. Christmas Day guests joining Rod and Cindy and George and Delores were Cole and Erica, Danielle and Chad.

Mike and Lori Kalkman spent Christmas Eve with Bill and Lonnie Martinmaas and enjoyed the traditional oyster supper meal Lori made after Christmas Eve mass in Polo.

The Kalkmans celebrated Christmas with his family at the Bill and Joyce Kalkman home in Faulkton, the weekend of December 14. Present were Kevin and Diane Kalkman, Huron, Maryann and Leo Hartze and Andrew, Aberdeen.

Home for Christmas over the December 21 weekend with Mike and Lori Kalkman, BJ and Wes were John and Melissa Kalkman and Paisley, Tea; Danni and Matt Deichert and Dwight, Sioux Falls, Brandi and Clint Overskei, Clara and Jack from Nunda and Kayla and Sam Johnson, Sioux Falls. Bill and Joyce Kalkman joined them for Saturday night supper,

Gary & Kathy Remmers spent Christmas in Sioux Falls with Shannon and Madysen Decker and Casey and Sheila Remmers, Jackson and Weston from Salem. A special highlight was attending mass Christmas Eve at the Cathedral.

Terry and Mary Schlechter, John, Ellen and Grace had Christmas Eve festivities at the home of Sam and Kelly Aesoph. (Jack, Alex, Isabel & Anna) They were joined by Bob and Marlas Aesoph, Maggie and Tony Kellogg, Ike, Rose, George, Brandon; Ben Aesoph and Stacy Buehner, Brookings Todd (Emily)Sioux Falls, Kathy (Tom) Sioux Falls and Kristie Gillette, Parkston, Mark Vopat, Xavier and Jacob Schlechter, Polo, Terry and JoAnn Aesoph Makenzie, Kody, Rob, Madeline and Maria, Orient.

On Christmas Day, the Schlechters ventured over to Hayti, SD to the home of Julie, Josh and Nathan Holida. They were joined by Lawrence Schlechter, Rick and Jaron Schlechter, Tyler Cooper, Watertown, Al and Tara Schlechter and Nick, Chad and Trixie Schlechter, Xavier, Jacob and Hannah and Andy and Deidra Schlechter. Denae, Vonna Gail, Terrell and Aleah, all of Polo.

The Beidler Christmas was hosted in the Marvin and Tracy Beidler home in Faulkton, December 28. Together to enjoy their celebration were; their daughter, Wyatt and Christine Wilson, Westport SD, Mary Ann Beidler, Polo, Gary and Marilyn Campbell, Frankfort and daughter Colin and Jessica Duffy and Teddy, Platte, SD, Rick Beidler an Susan Baxter, Rockham, Rocky and Kaylee Speck and Maverick of Faulkton, Jim and Diand Beidler and Kurt and Courtney, Watertown, Jason and Carol Jean Poppens, Hannah and Charlie, Norwalk, IA, Brian and Audumn Beidler, Fallyn, Payton, EveyLynn and Remmy Ell, Aberdeen.

Celebrating Christmas the week-end before Christmas Day in the Ron and Sharon Wieseler home were Lisa, Eric, Kaitlyn, and Tyler Christianson of Fargo; Ben, Sierra, Autumn, and Colt Wieseler of Gettysburg; Kendra, McKenna, and McKayla Macke of Onida; and Rita, Mike, Evie, and Mason Moe of Aberdeen.

Ron and Sharon Wieseler and Lisa and Kaitlyn Christianson celebrated Christmas and Felix’s baptism in Washington, D.C. with Matt, Amy, Xavier, and Felix Wieseler the week-end after Christmas Day.

Spending Christmas with Dolores Clement in Orient were; Gene and Carol Clement, Ben and Jill and Bob and Sue De Geest , Kirsten and Steven from Huron; Sharon and Curt Spangler, Josh and Lindsey Boomsma, Abby and Tate and Dale Clement, from Miller; Dickson and Amber Bast, Gentry and Truen, Highmore; Todd and Michelle Biedenfeld and Andrew, Minneapolis; Bill and Deb Clement and Erin and Kevin Stark, Korbin and Karson, Faulkton; Dan and Cassie Clement, Redfield; Kevin Clement, Don and Jody Clement, Brandon and Abby. Elizar and Jessie Flores and Omar and friend Mo all of Orient.

Christmas Day Father Tom came from Herried to the Dolores Clement home along with Kevin Clement and Bob and Sue DeGeest and Kirsten and joined Kevin, Bob and Sue DeGeest, Kirsten and Steven from Huron.

The Maurice and Kathryn Schlechter family celebrated Christmas on December 28 in Chamberlain. Joining Maurice and Kathryn were: Randy and Doris Juhnke, Brian Juhnke and William, and Alexandra Brueggeman of Chamberlain, Mike Schlechter of Miller, Kevin and Mary Neuhauser, Midland, Sarah Neuhauser and Eric Bedney from Spearfish, Brianna Neuhauser, Pierre, Mike and Carol Goodrich, Crooks, Zack and Kristi VanDeRostyne, Hartford, Amy Goodrich, Vermillion, Rob and Sheila Schlechter, Miller, Jeff and Brandi Umberger and Zeke and Kayla Schlechter and Josh Rensink all of Sioux Falls, Casey Schlechter, Miller, Chelsey Schlechter, Manhattan, Kan., Gaylon and Cindy Gerber and Connor, Pierre, Shelby Gerber, Spearfish, Jeff and Kathy Schulz, Aberdeen and Megan Schulz, Brookings.

Our sympathy to the families of Faith Higgins and Margaret (Froning) Gerdes. Faith’s funeral was at St. Ann’s Church in Miller on Thursday January 2nd .The funeral for Margaret (Froning) Gerdes, formerly of this area who died New Years Day, was Saturday January 4, 2014 at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Brookings with burial in Faulkton.

So we can’t end the column without commenting that being on the inside looking out is the place to be rather than outside in the below freezing in temps.

Mike and Ann, Ken and Pam Schaefer spent December 21st in Miller with Maylou Oakley.  Also gathering were Gene and Barb Schaefer Denver Colo. , Rod, Deb Schaefer, Kyle and Rachael Schaefer, and Elliot all of Brookings,  Matt and Amy Schaefer, Will and Kate of Urbandale IA.  Christmas Eve day, Gene, Barb, and Maylou had dinner at Mike and Ann’s.  Maylou’s son Dave, Laurie and family were on their way but had a change of plans that day.  Their grandson Greyson was born early but just in time to share a birthday with great grandmother Maylou who turned 85 on Christmas Eve.  Scott and Kristina Schaefer, Olivia and Harper, Sioux Falls celebrated Christmas with Mike and Ann Thursday through Sunday.

One can dress for the elements and steel your mind for what and when you have to be outside, but that doesn’t say you are a happy camper doing it. It definitely makes one appreciate cabs on tractors, and warm furnaces and no hauling coal and wood, cars that start with the turn of a key versus the cranks of a century ago and those indoor conveniences of running water, etc etc. Of course the elements are made much more comfortable with the clothing we have today. It is not blizzarding so it is just being what is normal for winter.

Welcome to 2014 and warm greetings in our ‘chilly’ South Dakota weather.

Chapter II: Christmas is––family gatherings and holiday guests