Potato bar at center this Saturday Friendship Center 4-23-14

Posted April 22, 2014 at 5:20 pm

Thirty-two attendees enjoyed lots of good food and getting to see friends and visiting at the potluck dinner on April 17. One table of cards was played after everything was put back in order.

Pool was played each afternoon as usual, as well as Snooker on  Wednesday evening. The tables were kept busy as usual.

I want to remind the public about the ‘baked potato and toppings bar’ that is scheduled for Saturday April 26 at noon at the Friendship Center. Everyone is welcome and your donations will be appreciated!

Come join us any time during the week. We like to see new faces!!

Potato bar at center this Saturday


    kcaB gnikooL 4-23-14

    April 17, 1914

    The Ree Heights basketball team is busy this week raising funds with which to lay out new grounds, build a grandstand and secure new equipment, etc. The boys will construct a new diamond on the block southwest of the old Hill livery barn. It is expected that Frank Palon of Ida will pitch for Ree Heights.

    The new 2½ cent railroad passenger fare went into operation as of the 15th. The new rate is as follows: from

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    Manor residents attend meeting in Aberdeen Miller Manor News 4-23-14

    Did you know…that the largest bell on earth is the Tsar Kolokol in Moscow? It weighs 222 tons and has never been rung.

    Tuesday morning Virginia Burgher, Marilyn Blake and Bob and Joyce Meryer traveled to Aberdeen for their April Foster Grandparent in-service meeting. Since this was National Volunteer Week (Apr. 14-18), members of RSVP joined the foster grandparents during the morning portion of the meeting. Everyone was treated to doughnuts, juice and coffee. Aberdeen mayor Mike Levsen opened the meeting with a nice welcome and talk

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    Area residents attend Easter events Gann Valley 4-23-14

    The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held in Gann Valley on Saturday with a large crowd attending. The hunters went home with goodies in their Easter baskets.

    David and Judy Gaulke visited in the John and Alice Crater home in Mitchell on Saturday. Also visiting were Kurt and Dawn Bult, Kaylin and Dustin, and Michael and Bennett Crater, of Minneapolis.

    Gene Grabin traveled to Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Vivienn and Sophie Cuka returned home with him for a few days

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    Daycare helps Good Samaritan dye eggs Good Samaritan Society 4-23-14

    The Stations of the Cross marchers stopped by for our Palm Sunday, April 13 worship service. Pastor Joseph Raleigh of Miller First Baptist Church, read and talked about the three last words of Jesus on the cross. The scripture was John 19:26,27. Kevin Waller played piano for the singing portion of the service.

    Reverend Brian Jones, Miller First Presbyterian Church, served protestant communion Monday morning.

    Pastor Kent Atkinson led a memorial service for Roberta Vanbockel Monday morning. Brian Winter, Roberta’s

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    Easter bake sale today at hospital and Tucker’s Polo-Orient 4-16-14

    Polo CCD Living Stations: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday

    The St. Liborius CCD students will be enacting their Living Stations on Wednesday, April 16 at 7:30 p.m. (NOT 8:00 p.m. like bulletin listed). This has been a long time tradition the Polo CCD students do for the parishioners and public. All are encouraged to come support our youth and pray the stations with them.

    8:30 p.m. Holy Thursday Mass at St. Liborius with blessed bread for families after Mass.

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    Gann Valley Easter Egg hunt this Saturday Gann Valley 4-16-14

    The Gann Valley Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled to be held Saturday, April 19, starting at 1:30 p.m. on the Courthouse lawn. Bring your Easter Baskets and join the fun.

    Sunrise services will be held at St. Placidus Church on Easter Sunday morning starting at 7:30 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend and are welcome. There will be no Mass services on Saturday.

    Lila Speckels, Le Chapeau National of Eight and Forty, will be the featured speaker at the Memorial

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