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Large Hole on Broadway

Posted March 11, 2014 at 5:08 pm

Mike Caviness | The Miller Press

TERRY MANNING, city water department, examines the large hole that opened up on Broadway Avenue at the stoplight early Monday morning as a result of a water main break. “This is an example of our aging infrastructure,” said Miller water superintendent, Jim Bonebright. “At first it was thought to be transite pipe, but it was found to be a cast iron water main that broke.”


    Superintendent Resigns

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    Special Meeting

    A special meeting of the Board of Education, Miller School District #29-4 was held on Monday, March 3, 2014 in the Elementary Conference Room. The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by David Fremark, President of the Board. Other members in attendance were Natalie Bertsch, Jonathan Hurd, Cynthia Rombough, Michael Runge, Connie Schroeder and Tim Zacher. Also in attendance were Steve Schumacher, Jr/Sr High School Principal, Tammy Caffee, Elementary Principal and Sara Gates, Business Manager.

    Visitors were recognized. Kathy

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    Miller Area Foundation is the gift that keeps giving

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    FOR TWENTY YEARS donations from hundreds of generous contributors to the Miller Area Foundation have impacted the Miller area in many ways by providing grants for various community projects such as playground equipment for the elementary school.

    The gift that keeps on giving stands to give even more, thanks to the generosity of Larry Coss who has issued a challenge to the Miller Area Foundation (MAF). The challenge, according to foundation chairwoman, Dawn Joy, is to raise $100,000 by June of 2018. When

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    Winter Wellness Night

    Jerod Fisher | The Miller Press

    WINTER WELLNESS NIGHT concluded with three “lucky” members of the staff being pied in the face. From left: MHS Principal Steve Schumaker, Superintendant and Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach Mike Ruth, and Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach Will Castle.


    Come enjoy a night of youth basketball

    Jerod Fisher | The Miller Press

    Nick Ortmeier drives against a Wildcat defender. The younger, non-varsity players and teams will be highlighted on their home court Februrary 10.

    Come enjoy a night of youth basketball

    On Monday, February 10, something quite special will be happening in the Miller Armory. This night will be filled with the sounds of

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    Former elementary officially transferred to On Hand

    The January school board meeting was called to order by Connie Schoeder at 6:02 pm on Jan 13,2014. Board members present were Bertsch, Hurd, Rombough, Runge, Schroeder, and Zacher. The board approved the agenda, minutes of December 9, 2013 meting, financial report, and payment of presented bills.

    The Community Center Committee was present to request that the school board rescind the original resolution to transfer ownership of the vacant school building to the city and instead transfer that ownership directly to On Hand Development Corp. It has become

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