Breakfast planned for February 12 Friendship Center 2-6-13

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm

Breakfast planned for February 12

I don’t think the groundhog saw any shadow February 2, so we all know what that means…that it was cloudy around Miller.


Friendship Center

From the “Pool Hall” – “News has been scarce because the news writer has no ‘writ-it is’. If you aren’t there to see the commentary with the players, I think you lose an edge to a very exciting time and chance to be a ‘Super-Pool’ champ, and your name noticed in print! That way your wife knew you were at the Center and you weren’t down at the car dealership or the coffee shop! Us men got to stick up for each other. Those women know! They been lookin’ out for us men and they know us! See you at the Center where the action is! Don’t look for fast action. At some of our ages, we call it continual movement. Same fun, just takes a little longer. Keep them pool cues hot!”

January 31: “8-Ball—a two-game series ended up at 1-1. Merv Mewes and Joe Oligmueller shot as good as one win can do. Then Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner also got one win, so that’s why it’s a 1-1 8-ball series. Made it as complicated as I could so I had something to write”

“Then the Snooker table got bust for the same players and it was 2-0 for Mewes and Oligmueller. It seemed that Bob and ‘Skinny’ started strong each game and thinking ‘unbeatable’ and then at the end of each game we had to eat Humble Pie (Darn stuff ain’t like homemade ice cream). But we grin and bear it. We will be back. We might call you to play so be ready to play, and get a lunch by the ladies. Good eating! Better than the Humble Pie.”

January 28 players were George Mogle, Joe Oligmueller, George Melber and Bob Slunecka

January 29, Harlan Meier, George Mogle, Bob Slunecka and Duane Robinson signed in.

February 6: Cards of choice

February 7: Rummy

February 8-9-11: Choice.

February 12: Breakfast will be served beginning at 8:30 until 10:30 a.m.

February 12: Rummy

February 13: Choice

Exercises are held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The breakfast on the 12th will include French toast, sausage, coffee and juice. Everyone is invited to join us. A free will donation helps defray some of our expenses. Hope to see you there.