Blood drive goal met despite myriad of conflicts

Posted January 16, 2013 at 11:27 am

Following the record setting 221 donations at the blood drive in November of 2012, the January 7 and 8 drive fell far short but still exceeded the goal which was set for the two days. If everyone who had made an appointment had remained well it could have been another near record. In 2012 the “winter blahs” hit Miller the week after the blood drive. This year it hit the week of the drive.

On Monday, 104 units of blood were collected and on Tuesday there were 52 units. Two new high school donors were Jonni Blake and Brooke Joy, with Danae Duxbury receiving a T-shirt for donating for the second time. There were 10 adults new or renewed at the Miller drive: Sean Lewellen, Janelle Wood, Trish Harrell, Lisa Jones, Dr. Heather Mitchell, Arnold Johnson, Damon Brueggeman, Alica Hughes, Kent Heronimus and Derek Kleinsasser.

Those who have donated one gallon are Monte Heilman, Brittany Herman, Scott Peterson and Karon Rembold, Brady Van Zee has given two gallons, James Major hit the five gallon mark, Dave Blachford is at nine gallons and Marilyn Johnson has donated 10 gallons.

The Miller Lions Club members donated cookies, Vernon and JoDean Joy furnished donuts and the Hand County Hospital Auxiliary, which sponsored the drive, furnished the lemonade and the president, Phyllis Testerman, contacted the members who staffed the registration table. Marilyn Johnson worked both days and Jan Manning, Charlotte Taylor, Anita Fremark and Arlette Heitzman were the other helpers. Ruth Roeber made calls to remind donors of their appointments.

American Bank and Trust and Quoin Financial Bank furnished the cups and napkins used at the drive. Duane Chipman prepared the Friendship Room at Trinity Lutheran Church, where the drive was held.

If you are interested in becoming a donor but have questions regarding your eligibility you can contact United Blood Services at Mitchell by calling 1-800-996-3688. If you would like to donate but were unable to at this drive you can call Jerome Schaefers at 853-3272 to make an appointment for the drive at Polo on January 17. The next drive at Miller will be on April 29 and 30.

JoDean Joy, the drive coordinator, is appreciative of all the faithful donors and for those in the community who are unable to donate but contribute to the drive in other ways and encourage family members and those they work with to become donors. Joy says, “It’s all part of living in the best town of its size in the United States.”