Being thankful before Thanksgiving

Posted November 20, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Wow! What a blood drive! Two hundred twenty-one units were collected during the Miller blood drive November 5 and 6–121 pints on Monday and 100 on Tuesday. The breakdown is as follows: Monday 114 signed in, 96 procedures were performed that produced 71 units of whole blood and 50 units from 2 RBCs. On Tuesday, 81 signed, 78 procedures were performed and 55 pints of whole blood and 45 pints from 2 RBC’s.

The 16 high school students who donated each received a T-shirt and those who donated for their second time also received a United Blood Services back pack. Johannes Gimbel has a blood type that isn’t collected here and in place of a blood donation he brought cookies and received a T-shirt along with Tre Blasdell, Cassandra Coss, Cassie Beckett, Alan Ames Luke Simons and Sam Simons. Six who donated for the first time were Courtney Haaland, Beau Keeter, Riley Mullaney, Macey Klages, Danae Duxbury and Kodee Beckett. Jeremy Coss, Dani Ellsworth and Lexy Gimbel also received a back pack for their second time donation. Students who donate at least three times get a red cord to wear at graduation.

We can be thankful for the 14 new donors, all the high school students who joined the six new high school donors, and the high school that allows time off for going to the blood drive. We can also be thankful for the school personnel who donate, and in this way lead by example.

Other new and renewed donors were Scot Wieseler, Chuck Harkins, Steve Zeigler, Carissa Thompson, Gordon Slunecka, Erica Wieseler, Tyler Sieh, Cassie Gutzmer, Jessica Roeber, Sarah Golden, Jackie Fanning, Tori McMurtry, Leslie Caffee and Dr. Steve Schroeder.

A great number of people donate whenever possible. At this drive some of those donors reached gallon marks. Monte Heilman, Eric Price and Laela Van Zee reached the one-gallon mark; reaching the two-gallon mark were Brian Bertsch, Chris Odden, Brett Parmely and Robin Vrooman; the three-gallon mark was reached by Troy Beckett, Arlen Gortmaker and Mark Schaefers; four gallons have been donated by Rosemary Moeller, Dale Simons and Dennis Simons; five gallons by Tom Morog, Rick Oligmueller, Doug Simons and Rich Waldrop; and Orville Kleinsasser has donated nine gallons. Just think of all the people who are thankful for the blood they received that these faithful donors contributed.

The donors are always thankful for the cookies that were furnished by Hospital Auxiliary members Maylou Oakley, Avis Chipman, Verna Becker, Doris Schultz, and Phyllis Testerman, and the doughnuts made by JoDean and Vernon Joy. Other auxiliary members manned the registration table. JoDean Joy was assisted by Anita Fremark, Marilyn Johnson, Lorraine Augspurger, Arlette Heitzman, Delores Ames and Jan Manning.

Appreciation is due American Bank and Trust and Quoin Financial for the cups and napkins that are donated for use at the blood drive.

Appreciation is extended to Shar Ruhnke for making the signs to alert donors on the days of the drive, and to Ruth Roeber for making reminder calls to those who had made appointments.

Trinity Lutheran Church is also in line for appreciation for donating the use of the Friendship Room where the actual drawing of the blood occurs, and of classrooms where the interviews are conducted. Jenise Krick returned the area to normal after the drive and appreciation for that is also necessary.

Appreciation to the pastors who reminded their members of the drive–and the greatest appreciation to those who took the time to go donate. Sometimes there was a long wait during the drive on Monday and apologies are offered to those people. United Blood Services will attempt to rectify this in future drives. We are thankful that we live in an area with so many caring individuals from the age of 16 to 92 who are willing to give of themselves so others might continue to enjoy life and health.

The next blood drive for the Miller area will be on Monday and Tuesday, January 7 and 8. This drive will start at 12:30 on Monday and continue through 7 p.m. appointments; Tuesday morning it will begin at 11:30 and go through 6 p.m. appointments. New donors are always welcome and if there are questions on eligibility a call can be made to United Blood Services at Mitchell by calling 1-800-996-3688 and telling them of your concerns.

JoDean Joy, the coordinator of the blood drives says, “I’m thankful I live in the best town of its size in the country and that the people in the entire area are the most generous people I have ever met. They are very willing to fill the ongoing need for blood.”