Bandits and Crusaders compete in BDC

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm

The Miller Highmore/Harrold Bandits and the Sunshine Bible Crusader teams both competed in the Big Dakota Conference wrestling tournament in Fort Pierre Saturday, Feb. 2.

The Bandits placed seventh as a team, scoring 80.50 points. The Crusaders placed 12th as a team with 52.00 points.

The Bandits had 10 wrestlers compete in the tournament with three wrestlers placing in the top four in their respective weight class: Michael Weidenbach (1st) at 120 lbs; Paul Waring (3rd) at 145 lbs; and Devon Gnat (2nd) at 152 lbs.

The Crusaders had eight wrestlers compete, with Israel Appel the only place winner at 120 lbs, in second place.



JC Forman (3-2) loss Daniel Slama (Stanley Co.) by fall time 1:37, Defeated Hunter Eimers (Chamberlain) by fall :53, defeated Luke Heninger (Stanley Co.) 15-0, defeated Wyatt Stevens (Wessington Springs) by fall 2:31, lost to Kyler Holzbauer (Parkston) 4-3.

Connor Bertsch (1-2) lost to Kelby Hawkins (Groton) by fall 1:42; defeated Joe Conoyer (Pine Ridge) 8-2; lost to Bob Martin (Pine Ridge) 10-1.

Michael Weidenbach (4-0) defeated Noah Appel (SBA) by fall in 1:02; defeated Zach Ayers (Winner) 19-2; defeated Logan Pickner (Chamberlain) by fall 4:03; defeated Israel Appel (SBA) 16-2.

Tristan Ashdown (1-2) lost to Lukas Chase (Stanley Co.) 6-1; defeated Shane Phillips (Pine Ridge) 12-2; lost to Taylor Colombe (Todd Co.) by fall 1:12.

Glenn Aymar (1-2) lost to Dalton Gerbracht (SBA) by fall 5:34; defeated Brady Schoenfelder (Parkston) 7-0; lost to Rylee Knight (CEB) by fall 2:02.

Jaxson Brueggeman (1-2) lost to Sam Ireland (Bennett Co.) 8-3; defeated Trinity Brunson (WS/W) by fall 1:22; lost to Jeric Albrecht (Gro) 7-6.

Paul Waring (4-1) defeated Matt Hauke (Chamberlain) by fall 2:41; defeated Truman Weyand (Po. Co.) by fall 3:03; lost to Wyatt Harrowa (St. Co.) 1-0; defeated Parker Kroll (Gro) 15-0; defeated Adam Farner (WIN) 3-2.

Devon Gnat (2-1) defeated Paul Young (Todd Co.) by fall 2:54; defeated Cole Geditz (Po. Co.) 3-2; lost to Mitch Heisinger (Park) 17-2.

Austin Aalbers (1-2) lost to Jeremy Long (Todd Co.) 15-0; defeated Lane Knipfer (WS/W) by forfeit; lost to Logan Boerner (WIN) by fall 4:42;

Marshall Johnson (1-2) lost to Brady Rieff by fall :28, won by forfeit, lost to Denver Jost (Po. Co.) by fall 2:05.


Denver Paul (1-2) defeated Tag Petrak (Ben. Co.) by fall 3:14; lost to Blake Beitz (Park) by fall 1:40; lost to Spencer Kirkpatrick (Cham) 15-3.

Israel Appel (3-1) defeated Tyler Berne (Ben. Co.) by fall :57, defeated Jaden Madison (Mob.) 1:07; defeated Dawson Semmler (Parkston) 8-6; lost to Michael Weidenbach (Miller) 16-2.

Noah Appel (0-2) lost to Michael Weidenbach by fall 1:02; lost to Jaden Madison (Mob.) 4:31.

Dalton Gerbracht (3-2) defeated Glenn Aymar by fall 5:32; lost to Brody Schatz (Pott. Co) 13-2; defeated Troy Lopez (Cham) by fall 1:30; defeated Taylor Colombe (Todd Co.) 6-5; lost to Jim Bob Ellsworth (Cham) 6-5.

Tayte Clark (3-2) defeated Trinity Brunson (WS/W) by fall :49; lost to Jace Everson (Po. Co.) 8-3; defeated Cooper Carter (St. Co.) by forfeit; defeated Nolan Donahue (Win) 3-1; lost to Sam Ireland (Ben. Co.) 9-5.

Trig Clark(1-2) defeated Kevin Swalley (Todd Co.) by fall 1:43; lost to Adam Farner (Win) by fall 1:59; lost to Matt Hauke (Cham) by forfeit.

David Paul (1-2) defeated Dawsin Jones (St. Co.) by fall 3:41; lost to Mitch Heisinger (Park) by fall 2:55; lost to Lamberto Romero (Little Wound) 4-3.

Ben Steigelmeier (1-2) lost to Brad Hahn (Ben. Co.) 13-4; defeated Cohl Turnquist (Win) by fall 2:52; lost to Luke Warejcka (KWLPG) 10-2.