Autumn isn’t awesome-Wells Wisdom 11-7-12

Posted November 7, 2012 at 8:00 am

Autumn isn’t awesome

Okay, I admit it; I’ve always been kind of a spring and summer girl. I like warm weather, new things springing to life, fresh breezes and mellow evenings. It’s not that I’m a particularly outside kind of person…I just like to enjoy it outside if I’m going to be there.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

That brings us to autumn, which is definitely not awesome, if you’ll forgive the semi-alliteration. I mean, how can you possibly like a season of the year with a nickname (fall) that sounds like an accident?

Just think what autumn brings us: colder weather. Usually it’s the autumn of the year when we see our first snow, when the ground turns brown and freezes, when the wind leaves balmy behind and becomes chilling.

Plants die, gardens stop producing and trees lose their leaves. The whole thing becomes another giant mess to clean up, and everyone knows how I feel about cleaning! Not to mention that fall becomes the time of year for canning, freezing and otherwise preserving the excess produce out of the garden. I like the idea of having that produce through the winter, mind you, but I don’t like the work it takes to prepare.

Two of my husband’s favorite activities are two of the banes of my existence in the autumn of the year: hunting and football. While he enjoys a Saturday in the field hunting pheasants (which he has the audacity to bring home to eat) and a Sunday afternoon watching football, I can find no joy in either of these things. Although I have discovered that it is safe to tell him almost anything while he’s watching a game, because then you can tell him later that you did mention that dent in the car, shortage in your checking account, tear in his favorite shirt, etc., but he apparently wasn’t paying attention!

The dark mornings and even darker evenings make up another part of autumn that I don’t enjoy. I love the summer nights which remain light until 9 o’clock and more and I don’t enjoy it when the turning of the seasons causes the sun to sink earlier and earlier in the night. The time arrives at the worst of it when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, which reminds me of the old saying about not knowing if you’re coming or going—it’s just too dark to see!

I know that autumn has some wonderful aspects to it: the colorful patterns of the trees, the successful harvest and hunts and the wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, complete with their festive observances and harvest moons! That doesn’t make me any less crabby about autumn and it’s not-so-awesome aspects. The only thing that makes me stop and appreciate autumn at all is the simple fact that winter’s worse!