Animals pay visits to Good Sam residents

Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:37 am

Good Samaritan Society, Miller

Apologies for any incomplete or lack of news in last week’s paper. I forgot the Memorial Day deadline so turned in news for two weeks last week. The newspaper lacked space to print both weeks in complete form. Sorry for any news items that were not printed.

I do want to again congratulate Brian Seeman, that the residents chose on May 21 as June’s Shining Star of the Month.

Rev. Brian Jones, Miller First Presbyterian Church, held the worship service Sunday, June 2. Janice Palmer accompanied singing and also played a prelude (How Majestic is Your Name) and a postlude (As the Deer).

Rev. Jones led singing, read scripture (Matthew 25:34-40) and gave a message on “Seeing Jesus in Others.” He read a story which supported the message. The story, “The Rabbi’s Gift,” was taken from the book, “The 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Darrelyn Tutt played piano music before the supper hour Sunday evening.

We have two baby doves in our bird aviary! Small group residents talked about the new baby doves and other birds Monday afternoon. Coffee time was held afterwards, at which bars were served.

Sarah Koeck and her cat, Derpie, came for a pet visit Monday.

Father Chester Murtha, St. Ann Catholic Church, celebrated Mass Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon Bingo helpers were Dorothy Engelmann, Carolyn Johnsen, Violet Moncur, Maylou Oakley, LaVonne Puffer, Doris Schultz, Annette Snodgrass and Janice Wilbur.

Some of the helpers gathered rhubarb from our rhubarb patch after Bingo. The rhubarb was cut up by several residents Wednesday morning. We’re now looking forward to the desserts which will be made from it.

Agnes Kolda led Rosary Wednesday morning. Men’s Coffee was also served that morning.

Pastor Kent Atkinson, Miller First Baptist Church, led Bible study “Testing the Spirits,” on I John 4:1-6 Wednesday afternoon. Gertrude Pautsch played piano for the singing portion of the session.

The “Singing Farmer,” Dave Sueltz from Watertown, performed Wednesday evening for the residents and several from the community. He sang a variety of songs, including old-time favorites.

Women’s Coffee was served Thursday morning. Hand In Hand Daycare children came Thursday afternoon for intergenerational time. They had a great time playing Balloon Bop and Summer Charades with the residents.

Scrabble games were played Thursday evening.

Stories from the May/June 2006 Reminisce magazine were selected for Friday morning reading time. Two stories were, “How Did We Survive Without a Car?” by Clancy Strock, and “The Night of the Ice-Blue Gown” by Betty Finocchiaro.

Oasis Chapter #148 Eastern Star women from Tulare came Friday afternoon to honor Chapter 148 Star members living at Good Sam (Berniece Clarke, Lois Duxbury and Gertrude Pautsch), and all their friends. They served treats and punch. Eastern Star helpers with the event were Darlys Buchholz, Jane Keller, Joanne Lockner, Annette Olsen (assisted by her husband, Art), Katie Parmely, Elaine Roeber and Judy Wagner. We were honored by your visit.

The movie, “A Star is Born,” starring Janet Gaynor, was shown Saturday afternoon.

We had another pet visit Saturday afternoon. Kevin and Grace Hofer brought their golden retriever puppy, Mortis, for a visit. I asked Kevin how he came up with the name Mortis, and he told me his previous dog’s name was Rigor!

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.” ~ Barbara DeAngelis

Good Sam Eastern Star.jpg

MEETING WITH GOOD SAM Eastern Star members were, back l to r, Annie Olson, Jane Keller, Annette Olson, Joanne Lockner and Darlys Buchholz. Front, Good Sam residents, Lois Duxbury, Gertrude Pautsch, Berniece Clarke and Maxine Grace.