American Bank & Trust donates to local schools through Spirit Card Program

Posted May 28, 2013 at 5:00 pm

American Bank & Trust has donated a total of $10,653.04 to local school districts for the first eighteen months of their Spirit Card Program. The most recent six-month disbursement totaled $4,632.08, with previous donations totaling $6,020.96. A Spirit Card is an ATM/Checkcard linked to a customer’s checking account with the school district’s name, colors, and mascot. Each time AB&T account holders make a purchase with their Spirit Card, the bank donates money back to the school. These cards promote school pride and generate income for the school districts and there is no cost to the account holder to obtain a Spirit Card.

The Miller School District received $805.28 and will use their funds to purchase a new flag pole and flag for the new Miller Elementary School. The sixth graders will take care of the flag each day – raising it in the morning and taking it down at night, as well as learning how to fold and handle the flag with respect. It will also benefit the entire school and community by demonstrating patriotism and teaching the importance of honoring our flag and country.

Spirit Award-School.jpg

Ruth A. Moller|The Miller Press
BETH FISCHER, representing American Bank & Trust, Miller, presented a check for $805.28 to the Miller School District. Board vice president Connie Schroeder, right, accepted the check, which is the amount earned for the district by customers who used the Spirit debit card over the past six months. This is the third check presented to the district. This check will be used toward purchase of a flag pole.

The Wessington Springs School District received $898.72 to be used towards the purchase of video equipment to support the broadcast of school events at the gymnasium.

Wolsey-Wessington School District will be purchasing a new glute/ham weight machine with the $392.20 of funds that the Warbird card holders generated. This will help with the weight lifting program for students from various sports.

The De Smet School District received $722.24. Funds will aid in purchasing an iPad for the fifth-grade students. The iPad will be used as a tool for collaboration, communication, acquiring knowledge and assisting in problem solving situations in interactive ways.

Northwestern School District will purchase new PE equipment with the $213.88 received. The current PE equipment is old and outdated and is need of replacement. Students K-12 will benefit from this new equipment.

The Huron School District received $1,599.76 to be used towards the purchase of new floor chairs at the Arena and also to help fund the freshmen RESPECT retreat. The current chairs at the arena are nine years old and are badly worn and are in need of replacement. The goal of the retreat is to improve the culture and respect for all who attend HHS. By providing this to incoming freshmen the week prior to school, the RESPECT retreat will help secure a smooth transition and sets the expectation high from the beginning.

Lynn Schneider, CEO of AB&T states, “The school system plays a vital role in the success of all of our students. We are pleased with the progress of the Spirit Card Program, which provides a way for the parents/students/members of the community to be involved in giving back to our local schools and expressing their school pride.”

Current Spirit Cards available are: De Smet Bulldogs, Miller Rustlers, Huron Tigers, and Wessington Springs Spartans, Wolsey-Wessington Warbirds and Northwestern Wildcats.

For more information contact your local AB&T office or visit AB&T online at