AG in the Classroom visits SBA K-8 students

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:35 pm


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‘WINTER-GROWN BEANS’ are shown by Cassidy Watson and Taylor Michaelis.

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MARSHMALLOW-NOODLE building, made by Jace Burma, Ross Engle, Jade Burma, Tierney Connell, Shariah Brockel and Travis Hass.

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CASSIDY WATSON shows the experiment with carbon dioxide.

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SBA KIDS learned about gardens, water and more. Pictured, back l to r, Ross Engle, Jace Burma, Jade Burma, Travis Hass. Front, Taylor Michaelis, Cassidy Watson, Shariah Brockel, Tierney Connell and Lyena Weber.

Ann Price, with AG in the Classroom, visited K-8 grade classrooms January 18 at Sunshine Bible Academy. She presented three different topics relative to farming and ranching.

Price did a demonstration with the junior high about how water is absorbed by the different types of soil.

Students in grades 4-6 each made a water cycle, and K-3 students learned about ear tagging of cattle by ranchers. Price presented a large poster to the classes.

The fourth-grade SBA class has been studying plants. They did an experiment mixing yeast, sugar and water in a large pop bottle, which produced carbon dioxide that filled a balloon. They also grew some garden beans.

Fifth and sixth grade students constructed a building, using marshmallows and fetticcinie noodles.

While at the South Dakota Reading Conference last June, Price provided a prize from the organization. The SBA 4-6 grade teacher’s name was drawn for a prize of two books, a cookbook, a little garden project and a poster of the dairy farm.

Her recent visit provided even more scientific information regarding farming, and how it relates to classroom study.

SBA teachers are, K-3, Megan Hall; grades 4-6, Sherry Van Zee; and grades 7 and 8, Sally Donald.