A loss is a gain Wells Wisdom 10-9-13

Posted October 8, 2013 at 5:34 pm

If I could add up all the time I spend in searching for things, I bet I would add up about a fourth of my time. The fact that I can’t hang on to anything isn’t even a result of old age. I’ve always had the bad habit of holding something in my hand and absent-mindedly laying it down somewhere. I’ve put the car-keys in the freezer, my coat in the garbage closet and my coffee cup on any level surface throughout the house that will hold it.

Even more annoying in some ways is the fact that when I am looking for a lost item, I tend to find numerous things that I was looking for before, but couldn’t find until now. I know I should be grateful to find my things no matter how, but when I’m looking for shoes and I find the book I’ve been wanting to read in the bottom of the closet, it’s annoying.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

This week it was my new magazine that I lost. I told Roy I was not leaving the house or doing anything else until I found that magazine. When he came home a couple of hours later, I was sitting in the living room watching an old movie.

“No magazine, huh?” he asked, not even attempting to sound surprised.

“No, but the good news is, I found the remote for the television that’s been missing for a month,” I answered.

“Great, but what’s all this other stuff?” he indicated the small pile of things on the table.

“That’s what I found while looking for my magazine.”

It’s true I had quite a day. I found the pink glittery cap I had bought for a birthday (which has passed) in the middle of a box of plastic building blocks. I found good scissors tucked inside the bread maker. I found three pens in the bathroom cupboard and the toenail clippers were in the bottom of the laundry basket.

“So you never did find the magazine; that’s too bad,” Roy said, “but now you have all these things.”

“Which is great; I’ll have them until I need them,” I grumbled.

“Where did you find the remote control?”

“I found it in the couch cushions, of course,” I answered.

“Well, give it here, I’d like to change stations,” he held out a hand.

I just shook my head at him. “Surely you must be kidding. I lost it ten minutes after I turned on the television. But don’t worry, I’m going looking for my magazine again in a while, the remote’s sure to turn up.”

A loss is a gain