A little cold never killed one… Wells Wisdom 3-27-13

Posted March 29, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Okay, so I admit it, I’ve always been a little careless on health issues. Not on the big stuff…just on things like colds, flu, etc. After all, I’ve had so many colds, and even a few stomach episodes. All were unpleasant, but never so terrible.

I remember getting sick the first time (which was also the last time) I got the flu shot. Since then I have been unknowingly playing a game of Russian roulette with illness. This year, I finally got the bullet, right between the eyes.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

It took me several days to discover that I was really that sick. I thought at first I had a nasty cold and then the weekend hit and I knew that whatever it was, I would have to wait until Monday before a doctor could help. The fever and the congestion and the insomnia should have given me some sort of warning, but it didn’t. I still just thought it was a nasty cold.

By Monday morning, I was ready to concede anything necessary—I didn’t make it to work, I didn’t eat anything, I didn’t move very much, and I was still in misery. I couldn’t get to see a doctor until late afternoon, but that was fine; I wasn’t sure if I was still going to be alive by then—and that was okay with me!

Mercifully, they didn’t leave me in the waiting room too long, so I was able to remain upright. Imagine my outrage when I got in there and I was even below the average temperature, I had no blood pressure problems and they said my lungs were “nice and clear.” These were the same lungs, by the way, that had been bubbling and exploding like I had pop rocks in there the night before. Surely I had some sort of disease after all that!

I did. They took a swab from my nose (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds) and came back with the verdict, “You have Influenza B.” It was at that exact moment that I resolved that I would never again blithely ignore getting a flu shot. It was then that I wished I had used the disinfectant spray they gave us for our classrooms. I had avoided it, because it “smelled bad.” These two careless actions resulted in an illness like none I have ever had before.

The unkindest cut, however, was the fact that not only did I get no medicine (it was too late; I just had to ride it out), but they actually gave me a prescription for Roy. I left the doctor’s office, went to Roy and he said, “Well, did they give you anything for it?” And I replied with a certain amount of bitterness, “No, but they gave you something for it.”

I’m very glad that Roy didn’t come down with this stuff, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted something more for medicine than, “go home and rest.”

What I’ve learned from my little experience is this: Never again will I fail to get a flu shot. Never again will I face a classroom of children, all seeming to be drooping at once and not find the time to disinfect; never again will I have to remind myself to wash my hands and never again will I take a solid night’s sleep for granted. It was the first time I could follow an experience I have had through my Facebook posts, but when I looked back at them, they said it all.

Day 1 – Got a nasty cold, guess I’d better take it easy. Thank goodness it’s the weekend.

Day 3 – Never had an illness that was so ugly I can’t go to work. Maybe I should see the doctor.

Day 5 – Day 5 here in Influenza Hell.

Everyone out there, do whatever you have to in order to fight those little bacteria beasties. Hope you all have a healthy week!

A little cold never killed one…