A dog too far Wells Wisdom 12-5-12

Posted December 4, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Our only cat, Jinx, has been a little worried lately. First, she is missing our senior cat, Garfield, ever since she died last month. I don’t know the workings of a cat’s mind, but I’ve often wondered what a cat perceives of such things. Does she emotionally miss another cat in the house? Does she wonder if a new cat will come to replace her?

But, no new cat has appeared and she might be able to relax a little bit if it weren’t for the extra dog that has turned up. I don’t know about Jinx’s feline intelligence, but I’m pretty sure she can count up to two and she has definitely determined that there’s one more dog around than there used to be.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

We have been babysitting (or rather doggie-sitting) for our oldest daughter for a few weeks and so Jinx has had to endure the antics of the young and rather impulsive Jackson. We can’t explain to either our dog, Ammie, or to Jinx that this is a temporary situation, so Jinx is undoubtedly thinking we have gone at least one dog too far.

In one growling, snarling, chewing session, Ammie, Roy’s hunting dog, explained to Jackson that a) This is Ammie’s house, b) Roy is Ammie’s person and c) When it comes to treats, Jackson needs to hang back until Ammie has decided whether she wants the treat or not. Since then, they get along just fine. Jinx is another story.

Jackson would really like to play, but Jinx explained with low-pitched, deep-throated growls that she was not going to be seen playing with any stupid dog. Jackson was also willing to sample Jinx’s food for her, just to make sure it was good. Jinx demonstrated with a show of claws that this was not a popular notion for her.

Jackson likes to nap on Jinx’s favorite rug in front of Jinx’s favorite window. Jackson slobbers in Jinx’s water and snaps up anything resembling a table scrap, before Jinx can get herself to the table.

The final straw came when the Christmas tree was assembled. Jinx has always had the habit of taking sanctuary under the tree, towards the wall. She was offended this week by Jackson, who got down on his haunches to look for her and took out several ornaments in the process. Jinx streaked out from under the tree as though she were shot out of a cannon and hasn’t been seen under there since, although Jackson continues to look for her.

Jackson goes home next week and the truth is that we are going to miss him around here. Well, at least I think Roy, Ammie and I will miss Jackson. For Jinx, it will be eliminating the problem we caused her by going a dog too far!

A dog too far