4-Hers honored at Recognition Banquet

Posted January 8, 2013 at 5:51 pm

The annual awards banquet for the Hand County 4-H was held to recognize 4-H members and their accomplishments for the year.

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Hand County 4-Hers had a great year. They had 539 static exhibits at Achievements Days, nine Dog participants in 31 areas, 57 Livestock exhibits, six Horse Show participants in 32 events, five Fashion Revue exhibits were judged, eight Special Foods participants, and three Public Presentation participants.

County Project Medals were awarded:

To receive a project medal, the 4-H member must be enrolled in 4-H for three years. The member must complete their 4-H journal and share what they have learned in the project area through workshops or by assisting younger 4-H members. They also need to share this information with 4-H donors or sponsors.

Medals went to: Annie Keeter, sheep; Garrett Knox, special foods; Marshall Johnson, welding; Carter Canham, electric and goat projects; Karly Beckett, home environment; and Shae Knox, photography.

JC Forman was recognized as Round Robin Showmanship winner.

Recognized for Community Service were Carter Canham, Kirstyn Fiala, Kelsey Johnson and Annie Keeter.

Mackalyn Fulton was a participant in rodeo.

Samantha Rogers was the C & C calf recipient.

Special Foods State Fair purple ribbons went to Taya Pawlowski, Cassidy Keck, Clayton Keck, Garrett Knox, Talon Knox, Karli Keck, Shae Knox, Teanna Pawlowski, Karli Keck, Clayton Keck, Taya Pawlowski, and Teanna Pawlowski.

Cassie Beckett and Shae Knox both received purple ribbons at the State Fair for their Fashion Revue selected outfits.

Beginner Fashion Revue participants were Sydney Jessen and Erin Moncur. Each constructed one article.

State Fair Public Presentation purple ribbon winners were Megan Fiala, Sydney Jessen and Tia Pawlowski.

Cassidy Keck placed first in Family and Consumer Sciences judging and fourth in individual photography judging at the State Fair.

Clayton Keck received third place individual in horticulture judging.

Kirstyn Fiala received a second place individual award in photography.

Performing Arts members recognized were Cassie Beckett, Tia Pawlowski, Danica Fanning, Macee Fanning, Shae Knox, Clayton Keck, Brianne Bertsch and Kristi Steptoe.

Family & Consumer Sciences judging teams were recognized. The beginner team consisted of Jenna Fulton, Sydney Jessen, Karli Keck (purple) and Erin Moncur. Junior team #1 participants were Karly Beckett, Mackalyn Fulton (purple), Clayton Keck (purple) and Teanna Pawlowski. Junior team #2 was composed of Connor Bertsch, Carter Canham, Cassidy Keck (purple) and Annie Keeter (purple). Senior team #1 also placed seventh as a team. Members were Cassie Beckett (purple), Brianne Bertsch (purple), Kirstyn Fiala and Kelsey Johnson. The members of Senior team #2 were Megan Fiala (purple), Alexandra Gimbel and Tia Pawlowski.

Horticulture individuals, each receiving purple, were Noah Johnson, beginner; Clayton Keck, junior; and Kelsey Johnson, senior.

Photography judging teams were: beginner and sixth-place team – Jenna Fulton (purple), Karli Keck, Sydney Jessen (purple) and Noah Johnson; junior and eighth-place team – Karly Beckett, Connor Bertsch, Carter Canham, Mackalyn Fulton, Cassidy Keck (purple), Clayton Keck (purple) and Teanna Pawlowski; senior – Cassie Beckett, Brianne Bertsch, Brooke Fawcett, Kirstyn Fiala (purple), Alexandra Gimbel. Alternates were Megan Fiala (purple) and Tia Pawlowski.

Visual Arts Judging Teams:

Beginner and 10-place team – Jenna Fulton, Sydney Jessen (purple), Karli Keck and Erin Moncur (purple). Junior team members were Karly Beckett (purple), Connor Bertsch, Carter Canham, Cassidy Keck, Clayton Keck (purple), Mackalyn Fulton and Teanna Pawlowski. Senior members were Cassie Beckett (purple), Brianne Bertsch, Brooke Fawcett, Alexandra Gimbel, Kirstyn Fiala, Megan Fiala, Kelsey Johnson and Tia Pawlowski.

Livestock Team and Individuals were as follows:

Beginner: Erin Moncur; Junior: Carter Canham; Senior team: Shannon Duxbury (purple), Kirstyn Fiala, Samantha Rogers and Mitchell Van Zee. Shannon Duxbury placed fourth individual beef judging.

Horse Show Highlights: Six participants went to Hyde County for the horse show. They were Shannon Duxbury, Storm Johnsen, Taylor Michaelis, Ann Marie Naber, Cy Naber and Morgan Naber.

Receiving purples were Taylor Michaelis – Purple in Stock Seat Equitation; Cy Naber – Purple in Poles; and Shannon Duxbury – Purple in Poles.

In Beginner all-around, Storm Johnsen placed first, Taylor Michaelis placed second, and Ann Marie Naber placed third. Cy Naber placed second in Junior all-around. In Senior all around, Morgan Naber placed third and Shannon Duxbury placed fourth.

In Shooting Sports, state qualifiers were Kayde Fernholz, Alvena Batin, Noah Johnson, Teanna Pawlowski, Devin Letsche, Eli Fanning, Steven Fernholz, Hayden Peterman, Taya Pawlowski, Cassidy Keck, Clayton Keck, Christopher Hass, Travis Hass, Mitchell Van Zee, Marshall Johnson, Austin Boomsma, Connor Bertsch, Carter Canham and Tia Pawlowski.

State place winners were: Beginner second place compound bow with site & release – Austin Boomsma; Beginner second place Air Pistol-timed – Eli Fanning; Beginner third place trap shooting – Eli Fanning; Junior first place compound bow with site & finger release – Travis Hass; Junior second place trap shooting – Marshall Johnson; Junior second place CWS-R/open – Marshall Johnson. Purple ribbons went to Marshall Johnson – air pistol, archery and targets, and to Eli Fanning, targets.

State Dog Awards:

Carter Canham – Purple – On Leash Agility & Rally Novice B.

Remmington Harrell – Purple – On Leash Agility, Novice showmanship; also participated in Basic B Obedience and Rally Novice B.

Shae Knox – participated in Open Showmanship, Rally Advanced A, Off Leash Agility.

Talon Knox received a Purple in Novice Showmanship and also participated in Basic B Obedience.

Mitchell Van Zee participated in Novice Showmanship & Basic B Obedience.

Kaili Wilson received a Purple in Novice Showmanship & On Leash Agility and also participated in Basic B Obedience.

Outstanding Exhibitor is a new award and is based on a point system that takes into account all the ribbons from the 4-H events (Public Presentations, Fashion Revue, Special Foods, Achievement Days, Horse Show, State Fair, Judging & Shooting Sports) through the year. The Outstanding girl was Erin Moncur, with 33 exhibits at Achievement Days, nine exhibits at State Fair, three judging teams and Fashion Revue. Carter Canham was Outstanding Boy with 17 exhibits at Achievement Days, six exhibits at State Fair, four judging teams, Dog Show and Shooting Sports.

Also recognized was Marsha Howard, for service as a club leader for 41 years.

Hand County Crop & Livestock Improvement Association sponsored a trip to the Denver Stock Show. Mitchell Van Zee and Samantha Rogers were selected for that honor.


MANY SHOOTING SPORTS participants were recognized. Back, l to r, Danica Fanning, Mitchell Van Zee, Clayton Keck, Teanna Pawlowski, Marshall Johnson, Carter Canham, Kirstyn Fiala and Megan Fiala. Front, Karli Keck, Cassidy Keck, Taya Pawlowski, Tia Pawlowski, Noah Johnson, Eli Fanning, Sydney Jessen and Garrett Neyens.