4-Hers exhibit at Western Junior Livestock Show

Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:50 pm

The 2012 Western Junior Livestock Show and Western 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Show was held October 10-13 at the Pennington County Fairgrounds in Rapid City.

Hand County had a good turnout, and the 4-H members did very well. Results for Hand County follow.

Breeding beef:
Hereford Junior Bull Calf

Purple: Kris Fawcett

Champion Hereford Bull: Kris Fawcett

Hereford Junior Yearling Heifer

Purple: Kris Fawcett (2)

Champion Hereford Heifer: Kris Fawcett

Red Angus Junior Heifer Calf

Purple: Erin Moncur, Jaden Kellogg

Red Angus Junior Yearling Heifer

Purple: Erin Moncur

Simmental Senior Heifer Calf

Purple: Shannon Duxbury

Charolais Junior Bull Calf

Purple: Shannon Duxbury

Champion Charolais Bull: Shannon Duxbury

Charolais Junior Heifer Calf

Purple: Jaden Kellogg (2)

Blue: Erin Moncur

Maine Junior Yearling Heifer

Purple: Kris Fawcett

Champion Maine Heifer: Kris Fawcett

Crossbred Junior Yearling Heifer

Blue: Erin Moncur

English Breed Junior Heifer Calf

Purple: Erin Rogers

Gelbvieh Junior Yearling Heifer

Purple: Mitchell Van Zee

Pen of Three Breeding Beef: Hand County Fifth Place

Feeder cattle

English Feeder Heifer

Purple: Storm Johnsen

Other Feeder Heifer

Purple: Peyton Campbell (2), Shannon Duxbury, Quinton Campbell, Erin Moncur, Samantha Rogers, Storm Johnsen, Mitchell Van Zee (2), Baylee Blake (2)

Other Feeder Steer

Purple: Jaden Kellogg, Peyton Campbell, Samantha Rogers, Kodee Beckett, Baylee Blake, JC Forman, Quinton Campbell

Blue: Quinton Campbell, Mitchell Van Zee, Jaden Kellogg

Beginner Beef Showmanship

Purple: Erin Moncur, Quinton Campbell

Other participants: Storm Johnsen

Junior Beef Showmanship

Purple: Baylee Blake

Senior Beef Showmanship

Purple: Kris Fawcett, Shannon Duxbury, Kodee Beckett

Other participants: Samantha Rogers, Mitchell Van Zee

Champion Senior Beef Showman: Kris Fawcett

Open Market Beef:
Purple: Kodee Beckett

Reserve Champion Market Beef: Kodee Beckett

Show Carcass Futurity Overall

Peyton Campbell, Fifth

Quinton Campbell, Thirteenth

Futurity Heifer Carcass Results

Champion Carcass: Mitchell Van Zee

Futurity Heifer Overall Results

Champion Overall: Mitchell Van Zee


Meat Type Market Ewe

Blue: Eli Fanning

Ram Lamb

Purple: Eli Fanning

Yearling Ewe

Blue: Eli Fanning

Ewe Lamb

Purple: Brooke Fawcett

Fall Ewe Lamb

Purple: Brooke Fawcett

Beginner Sheep Showmanship

Purple: Eli Fanning

Senior Sheep Showmanship

Purple: Brooke Fawcett

Reserve Champion Feeder Lamb: Danica Fanning


Beginning Swine Showmanship

Purple: Peyton Campbell, Quinton Campbell

Market Barrow

Purple: Peyton Campbell, Quinton Campbell


Market Goat
Blue: Quinton Campbell

Livestock Judging Results

Beginners Judging:
Erin Moncur – Fifth high individual

Storm Johnsen – 18th individual

Senior Judging:

Samantha Rogers – 12th individual

Brooke Fawcett – 31st individual

Mitchell Van Zee – 32nd individual

Senior Range Plant Identification Contest

First place – Shannon Duxbury

Rasmussen $1,000 Scholarship – Shannon Duxbury

Family Consumer Sciences Judging

Clothing, Foods, Child Care, Home Living

Blue: Sara Jessen

Red: Sydney Jessen

Vegetable Judging
Red: Sydney Jessen, Sara Jessen

Ingredient Measuring Contest

Purple: Sydney Jessen, Sara Jessen

Adult Vegetable Judging

Red: Janelle Jessen