4-H Reports 12-19-12

Posted December 18, 2012 at 5:45 pm

West Hand Baby Beef

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The West Hand Baby Beef 4-H club held their November meeting on November 18, 2012. President Cassidy Keck called the meeting to order and Sara Jessen led the flag pledge. Ten members answered the roll call topic of Thanksgiving plans.

There was no secretary’s report. Teanna Pawlowski gave the treasurer’s report. Erin Moncur made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and Tia Pawlowski seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old business was the 4-H banquet later that day and some comments on 4-H books. Enrollment forms are due to the office.

New business was that 4-H books may be a little different for next year. Tia Pawlowski made a motion and Karli Keck seconded to have the Christmas party on December 9 at 12:30 at the Baptist Church. Motion carried. Teanna Pawlowski made a motion and Samantha Rogers seconded the motion to have each member bring two-dozen cookies to the December meeting for a community service project. Motion carried. Tia Pawlowski made a motion and Teanna Pawlowski seconded the motion to do a $5 gift exchange at the Christmas party. Motion carried.

Erin Moncur made a motion� and Karli Keck seconded the motion to set up a Christmas tree at the Good Samaritan Center. Motion carried. Shelley Moncur will check into doing a Christmas tree at the courthouse.

The 4-H club did the planning for the coming year and set up the monthly meeting schedule. There will be a raffle by all 4-H clubs and members to raise funds for the new lunch stand and bathroom at the 4-H grounds.

Karli Keck made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Erin Moncur seconded the motion. Motion carried. Garrett Neyens led the 4-H pledge.