100 days of kindergarten

Posted February 19, 2013 at 7:31 pm




FAR LEFT: MRS. SARGENT’S KINDERGARTEN class with their glasses. Front, l to r, Gracie Graham, Morgan Kolda, Justin Evans, Kellan Hurd, Talan Heezen, James Fritzsche, Sheridyn Sivertsen, Ellie Gates. Center row, Dixon Knox, Jonathon Andersen, Brody Grupe, Olivia Resel, Joshua Phinney, Aleah Schlechter, James Lammers, Experaza Cruz. Back row, Maverick Nelson, Eli Batin, Garrett Batin, Sydnee Blake, 100-year-old Mrs. Sargent, Olivia Flor, Terence Frueh, Mathis Resel and Cora Peterson.


MRS. BONNICHSEN’S class are, front l to r, Annie Hanson, Paige Weyand, Brittany Kahler, Lyndsey Hemsher, Derek Brueggeman. Second row, Braeden Naber, Colby Kolda, Skylar Frueh, Isaac McKinstry, Arielle Miner, Avry Fischer. Third row, Corey Leisy, Dana Wallace, Pierce Baumberger, Isaiah Gortmaker, Hudson Cain, Emma Fritzsche. Back row, Gentry Harrell, Jesse Hughes, Haidyn Huss, Marshall Conkey, Reed Fortune, Abby Boomsma, Anna Van Zee, and 100-year-old Mrs. Bonnichsen.

Kindergarten classes at Miller Elementary celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten last week. The classes of Mrs. Morgan Bonnichsen and Mrs. Kari Sargent celebrated by making crowns and sporting 100th day glasses. The kindergarten students explored different ways to make 100—even sorting, counting and snacking on 100. The teachers dressed up to look “100” years old.