Posted January 7, 2014 at 7:52 pm

David and Judy Gaulke attended the wedding of Dawn and Curt Bult at Mitchell Saturday evening.

Linda Ness visited in the Jim and Cyndi Lutter home Thursday afternoon.   Becky and Katie were home for the Holidays. 


Gann Valley

Will Peskie and family had visited in the Gene and Carol Grabin home.They left to return to their home in Brookshire, Texas, on New Year’s Day.

Hailey and Grace McGregor and a friend, of Watertown, visited with Juanita Sinkie one day last week.

Kevin and Crystal Wulff, of Sioux Falls, visited in the Ken and Elaine Wulff home over the weekend. 

The New Year has started out COLD!!! Temperatures have been down to close to a minus 20 degrees not counting the wind chill factor. We wish everyone a new year of opportunities, good health, and peace so that our military can return to their families.

Today was once the FUTURE from which you expected so much in the past.